Legacies Role Play System
An Original and Unique solution to Community Roleplaying in the virtual worlds of Second Life™ and OpenSim

How To Use LaRPS

How To Questions and answers detailing LaRPS, how to use it and what to expect. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to use. No complicated statisitics and point placement to perform. Just Wear and Go.

Latest News

Development The development of the LaRPS system never stops, so catch up on all the latest tricks and enhancements. LaRPS is constantly improving to help make your roleplaying experience intuitive and fun.


Characters Access and easily manage all your LaRPS characters, create new characters and monitor how your characters are evolving.

Leaderboards and Statistics

Stats These only show current activity across the whole LaRPS universe. For individual realm information, check the LaRPS Regions page.

Character Search

Latest Version
LaRPS v0.25.4 (code name: Nero)
Released: 15 August, 2011

LaRPS - Legacies Role Play System


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